Noah Flegel, Team Rider.

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In early 2021, when we decided to assemble our own team of professional athletes we only thought of one name that fit the lifestyle that NaturALL Living promotes...

Noah Flegel, Watersports Super Athlete.

Noah is a true waterman who excels in all board sports, he is impressive surfing in the ocean and absolutely mind blowing surfing behind a boat. Whether is is wakeboarding, surfing, or foiling he is pure fun and entertainment for all of his fans and friends. Noah continues competing at the highest levels in wakeboarding and wake surfing. 

Noah currently rides for Nautique, Hyperlite, FatSac, and now NaturALL Living

Noah considers the "water" his hometown and absolutely crushes all sports associated with it. From Wakeboarding, Surfing, Foiling, Wake Surfing, Wake skating, spearfishing and anything else involving water, Noah is sure to master it. Noahs riding continues breaking the internet on a weekly basis and you should consider following his instagram here, @NoahFlegel.

Born in Lighthouse Point, FL on September 12, 1997. Noah has been crushing the water sports game since the beginning. In 2011 Noah was featured as Sports Illustrated magazines "2011 SportsKid of the Year" and just last month won the 2021 WWA Nationals Pro Wakesurf Championship.

Noah Flegel 2011 Kid of the year!

Noah winning 2021 WWA Nationals

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